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The Reinsurance ShiftLearn why insurance carriers now shoulder more of the burden due to changing risk transfer relations.

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Discover how 2023's storm season has shifted the landscape of hail risk. 

With severe convective storms breaching previous financial thresholds, it's time for insurance carriers to harness the power of AI and innovative risk assessment models.

Special Feature

Carrier Case Study: See how applying new methods led to significant value over three years in hail-prone regions.

Actionable Steps to Take Away TodaySee how leading carriers are applying granular, property-level insights and learn the proactive steps they're taking to mitigate risks and losses.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job: Explore how AI-based climate risk models are supplementing stochastic and actuarial models for a full picture of climate risk.

Losses on the Rise: Understand the key factors driving record-breaking hail losses, and why there's more to the story than just "climate change."

With the full picture of hail risk, insurers can strategically select and price risk.